TOP GIN Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983. The founder of the Corporation, Mr. Wang Qing-dong, has an engineering technology background combined with rich experience in research and development. The Corporation started its business by running Japan’s Fuji Inverter and then acted as an agent for MEIDEN Inverter. For these few years, not only its rich sales experience has helped the Corporation to create an outstanding business record but also the solid and wide knowledge of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering has helped it to provide more complete and professional technical maintenance service for its customers. Different from other agents for Japan’s inverters, Mr. Wang who has paid much attention on investing in equipment investment has purchased a large amount of equipment maintenance and worked on the basic maintenance techniques. With several years of experience in maintenance, TOP GIN has fully mastered each character of an inverter. Later, Mr. Wang recognized that, although the quality of the Japanese products was better than that of the domestic products, the after-sales service which usually took tens of days to send the products back to Japan for maintenance could not provide the customers with immediate support and help and sometimes even caused the stoppage of the production lines. Given the fact, Mr. Wang was determined to research and develop the high-quality inverter and aimed at establishing independent technical capacity, providing better products and immediate maintenance service.

In 1990, R&D team under Mr. Wang’s leadership successively and independently developed a 16-bit inverter, setting a record of developing an inverter with independent technology by the Taiwanese. In the same year, the Corporation officially produced the TG 200 series with horsepower ranging from 1 to 400 and created its own brand, TOP GIN. By expanding its business to the domestic market and tens of foreign countries, the Corporation created a brand-new world in the domestic inverter market which had been dominated by the Japanese brands. With the advent of the new century, TOP GIN not only continuously adheres to the faith it has followed for the past 20 years, which is providing the customers with the high-quality, high-performance and high-efficiency inverters, and keeps developing and researching new products but also with the most sincere attitude listens to the customers’ demands and provides the best maintenance service. The satisfaction of the customers is our greatest achievement.

The chairman, Wang Qing-dong, recognizing the importance of an electric motor’s power and efficiency in a class about Tatung electric motor 40 years ago proactively investigated the transmission filed and started to agent Tatung’s and Japan’s inverters. In the early 1970s, he started to mass produce the first TOP GIN inverter, [TG200] General Purpose Inverter.
Every year, each machine is revised to improve in the aspects of heat dissipation, interference, controllability, modularization and stability and the products are updated to serve the customers with the best performance!

For the past 20 years, TOP GIN Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. with the down-to-earth operation principle of “Step by Step” has developed from a small-sized agent to today’s R&D manufacturer. With the perseverance and pursuit for high-quality inverter, R&D team continuously improving and creating new products aims only at presenting the most outstanding products to the public. “High quality, high performance, high efficiency” is not only the faith to which the TOP GIN R&D team has stuck but also the Corporation’s most safe protection and sincere promise for the customers. In the spirit of “service,” TOP GIN considers satisfying the customers as its ultimate goal.